crown bay marina is located in the heart of st. thomas in the us virgin islands, a convenient marina for private and charter yachts.

where is crown bay marina?

Straddling the center of the Antilles chain of islands that arc northward from South America and separate the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean, the U.S. Virgin Islands [USVI] are separated by a deep ocean trench that groups the islands of St. Thomas, Water Island, and St. John within the Greater Antilles, and St. Croix to their south, within the Lesser Antilles.

crown bay marina coordinates

Situated on the south side of St. Thomas, immediately west of historic Charlotte Amalie Harbor and Hassel Island, Crown Bay Marina lies within the area known as Sub Base at latitude 18° 20' 24" North, longitude 64° 57' 24" West. Water Island, to the south, is noted for its secluded Honeymoon Bay beach, labeled Druif Bay on nautical charts.

yacht approaches to crown bay marina

Yachts may approach via either West Gregorie Channel or East Gregorie Channel; both of which are well marked, as is the reef extending northward from Water Island. While in Gregorie Channel, mariners approach Crown Bay Marina by leaving the cruise ship dolphin piling to port. The signed entrance to the marina is immediately north of the northernmost cruise ship dock. The tall Texaco sign rising from the fuel dock marks the entrance to the marina.

airport information for crown bay marina

Crown Bay Marina is conveniently located within ten minutes of the Cyril E. King Airport — an international FBO for private jets, which is also the most widely used commercial gateway to the U.S. Virgin Islands from the U.S. mainland, and a major hub for regional air carriers within the Caribbean region.

crown bay marina time zone

Lying about 1,100 miles east-southeast of Miami, Florida, the U.S. Virgins remain on Atlantic Standard Time [AST] year-round.