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Boaters rally for Irmageddon

The boating community came together on Sunday
for the Crown Bay Marina’s inaugural Irmageddon
Poker Run. 
The boats followed a route visiting areas that were
hard hit by September’s hurricanes, including Cruz
Bay on St. John, Coki Point and Brewers Bay on St. 
Thomas,  and Honeymoon Beach on Water Island.  
The winner, David McDonnell, will have his name
inscribed on a unique trophy that was handcrafted by
Crown Bay Marina owner Kosei Ohno from a tele-
phone pole that was shattered by Hurricane Irma. 
 “I decided we would create an event to show the
world we were not defeated by the storm, but we
would rebuild. We would recover. We would continue
to see beauty in all things,” said Ohno in a news re-
lease.  “The diamond shield on the face of the trophy
reminds us that we are a diamond in the rough — that
beauty can come from what may seem like an insig-
nificant rock but when hard work and dedication are
applied to that rock, what emerges is a work of art of
immense value for all to behold.”
Coming in second and third in the poker run was
Ranney Laronde, with three jacks and three fives, 
respectively.  The  Best Dressed  award  went to
Boyce Bryan, of “Unexpected,” who also won for
Best Paint.