New free marina WiFi services for crew and guests

New free marina WiFi services for crew and guests

Crown Bay Marina is happy to announce our new WiFi system was recently installed and is fully operational. Since the new WiFi was activated it has been easy to use, fast and reliable.


Just grab an Access Code from the office and off you go!

Coverage is good throughout the marina including the picnic areas. There is even a special set up for those guests that have extra-heavy data needs, so they can get faster download speed. So stop-in and grab a boatload of data!


Photo of the Week: Dockside BBQ Areas

Photo of the Week:  Dockside BBQ Areas
You will love the picturesque scenery, warm ocean breezes and lush, tropical landscaping throughout our marina. A few captains specifically asked for grassy hangout areas, so we have designed them just adjacent to the large yacht slips so your crew can unwind off of the boat. You are welcome to put up lawn chairs, enjoy barbecues, parties, and sunshine as often as you’d like.

Wireless Internet at Crown Bay Marina

Crown Bay Marina offers new FREE high-speed wireless service for our guests. We have selected Beacon Wi-Fi as our service/equipment provider so our guests can reliably surf the net, connect securely via VPN to their corporate networks, check email, update Facebook & social media, trade stocks, work and play all from the comfort of their boats or our grassy common areas.