Crown Bay Marina—Strong after Hurricanes Irma & Maria

Dear Friends and Family of Crown Bay Marina,

First I would like to apologize for not posting earlier, but just when we thought that we were making great progress after Hurricane Irma hit on September 6th, Hurricane Maria decided to join us in the USVI as well. Thank you for all of your Facebook comments, likes, and emails and calls with concern and support.

I am writing this from Maine, where I have been most of the summer. Although it is hard to be so far away, I have been in contact with my Crown Bay family daily through mostly text, but also calls from our Assistant Director, Liza Lord. Liza has reported the following information to me. 

First and most important, we have accounted for our entire Crown Bay family and they are safe.  Liza, Jerry, Heidi, Eustacia, Jenielle, Steve, Karl, Felix, Frank, Norman, Melvin, and Santa and their families are all safe. Flemon Lewis , owner of Interscope Security and his team of security officers are also all safe. Some have lost their roofs, some have lost their entire homes, but they are rebuilding their lives and working daily to clean up the aftermath of two back to back CAT 5 hurricanes at Crown Bay Marina.

Crown Bay Marina faired quite well, considering. We did not lose any roofs from our buildings.  We lost a door on the Mail Stop and a window in the Marina Office, and we no longer have a guard shed, but the up land portion of the marina faired very well. We have a large generator for our tenants, so Tickle's was able to open and serve food on the day after the first storm.  AT&T opened to offer charging stations and then they started giving phones to people who lost theirs in the storm. Your Choice Laundry was open almost 24/7 to allow people to start to dry some of their storm soaked posessions. Island Marine Outfitters was open during open curfew hours. Style A Dog was open during open curfew hours for pet food and supplies. Mail Stop started working on their repairs to ensure that they could be open once the USPS opened. Our above ground fuel tanks were full as part of our hurricane plan to ensure that we had weight in our tanks. For this purpose we were also able to dispense gasoline and diesel rations. Next week, Scoops and Brew will be open to serve coffee to the relief workers early in the morning and then later in the day for the public. Yes, believe it or not, our little Amish Gazebo is still standing. We have a large cistern and people were able to get water, and take showers. This could not have happened without a plan. CBM has been managed by Marina Management Systems, in Boca Raton, FL since 1998 and this is obviously not their first hurricane. So, we had a great plan and we worked the plan before everyone left for the day.

Unfortunately, most of our beautiful palm trees are gone. And we lost some picnic tables, and WiFi equipment, fencing, a work platform, etc. but this will all be replaced.

On the docks, we do have some damage to our concrete docks. We were already planning to do some work on the docks this year as normal maintenance and Mark Knopf at ProMar was already working on the pre-casting of the project. Looks like we will be refocusing Mark and his guys to some damaged areas instead. We have already started communicating with Mark.

Directly after Irma hit, and before relief boats and cruise ships started to arrive on St. Thomas there were a number of volunteer relief boats needing a place to dock. I'm proud to say that we were able to receive these volunteer supply boats from Puerto Rico that returned with evacuees twice a day 2 days after storm hit. There were lots of volunteers making that happen at the marina on the ground and in conjunction with the owners of the Pizza Pi boat and the owner of Scoops and Brew working from the States, with the folks at East End Excursion Boats and other volunteer Captains to make these trips possible.

Today's report from Liza was very positive. Our Crown Bay family met this morning and post Hurricane Maria, they are ready to work together to ensure that Crown Bay Marina is even better and stronger when you return to our docks and our stores this season.

Again, we thank you for your warm remarks and offers for prayers. They were very much appreciated. Please continue to keep sending your support, I will share your messages with the folks that make all this happen. I hope to return to my Crown Bay Marina family on October 20th. Prayers that the St. Thomas Airport opens soon and for all of those that have experienced these storms.

Please feel free to message me on our Facebook page with your questions or concerns. I will continue to check in a number of times a day until our telephone service, and internet service are back up at the Marina. There is also a What's going on St. Thomas page on Facebook that you may want to follow our progress in bringing America's Paradise back to the Paradise you all love.

VI Strong—Crown Bay Marina Even Stronger!
Jane Wherren, Director of Operation