Crown Bay Marina - At Your Service

As I take the Helm of Crown Bay Marina, I must first of all express my immense respect for the crew and ownership who have responded to this hurricane caused calamity by utilizing it as a springboard towards a new and exciting chapter at Crown Bay Marina.

Ownership, partnered with new management, have explored the damages, developed the plans, and are underway with repairs, renovations, and improvements at this time. Docks are available and more are coming online daily. To address the growth in catamarans, dockage configurations are being adjusted to create a "CAT CITY" section with a welcoming fee schedule for these type vessels. 

The Marina Village vendors such as Island Marine Outfitters, Tickles Dockside Pub, Scoops n Brew, Phoenix Visions Hair Design, Your Choice Laundry, Knight Business Center, AT&T, Style A Dog and Balls of Bliss have all re-opened. Most have been since soon after hurricane's Irma and Maria passed.

Once the wind died down, Crown Bay Marina started, and has continued to supply fuel non-stop. The facility's onsite backup generation as well as pre-placed ample supplies has allowed CBM to readily support both emergency and transport vessels immediately after the hurricane, and now fill up those thirsty motor yachts that are being off loaded next door. Volume based pricing makes our fuel dock a very popular place.

Crown Bay Marina exists for all mariners of any type or size, going to or coming from anywhere. Our mission is to provide a  friendly base of operation. A Home away from Home, or a Home, Home on the way. A place where you can rest, provision, stock up, refuel, change crew, catch a flight and always enjoy some island time. We are At Your Service and ready to assist. Crown  Bay Marina is a Can Do Facility.

Just as new branches are sprouting on our trees and the bushes resiliently grow back, the new operations at the facility will be guided by the foundations retained from the past. In conversations with customers and staff as I've listened, Carol Dudley's name and vision consistently surfaces. Fair but Firm. We intend on following this solid and simple philosophy. 

Come and Visit. We'll become Your Marina with Our Passion.

Larry Imhoff, General Manager and the entire CBM Can Do Crew