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Crown Bay Marina’s Irmageddon trophy, designed and handcrafted by marina owner Kosei Ohno.

Crown Bay Marina’s Irmageddon trophy, designed and handcrafted by marina owner Kosei Ohno.

The boating community came together on Sunday for the Crown Bay Marina’s inaugural
Irmageddon Poker Run.
The boats followed a route visiting areas that were hard hit by September’s hurricanes,
including Cruz Bay on St. John, Coki Point and Brewers Bay on St. Thomas, and Honeymoon
Beach on Water Island.
Crown Bay Marina’s Irmageddon trophy, designed and handcrafted by marina owner Kosei Ohno.
The winner, David McDonnell, will have his name inscribed on a unique trophy that was
handcrafted by Crown Bay Marina owner Kosei Ohno from a telephone pole that was shattered
by Hurricane Irma.
“I decided we would create an event to show the world we were not defeated by the storm, but
we would rebuild. We would recover. We would continue to see beauty in all things,” said
Ohno in a news release. “The diamond shield on the face of the trophy reminds us that we are
a diamond in the rough — that beauty can come from what may seem like an insignifcant
rock but when hard work and dedication are applied to that rock, what emerges is a work of art
of immense value for all to behold.”
Coming in second and third in the poker run was Ranney Laronde, with three jacks and three
fives, respectively. The Best Dressed award went to Boyce Bryan, of “Unexpected,” who also
won for Best Paint.
Best Paint: Boyce Bryan, Boat Name “Unexpected.”

Crown Bay Marina - At Your Service

As I take the Helm of Crown Bay Marina, I must first of all express my immense respect for the crew and ownership who have responded to this hurricane caused calamity by utilizing it as a springboard towards a new and exciting chapter at Crown Bay Marina.

Ownership, partnered with new management, have explored the damages, developed the plans, and are underway with repairs, renovations, and improvements at this time. Docks are available and more are coming online daily. To address the growth in catamarans, dockage configurations are being adjusted to create a "CAT CITY" section with a welcoming fee schedule for these type vessels. 

The Marina Village vendors such as Island Marine Outfitters, Tickles Dockside Pub, Scoops n Brew, Phoenix Visions Hair Design, Your Choice Laundry, Knight Business Center, AT&T, Style A Dog and Balls of Bliss have all re-opened. Most have been since soon after hurricane's Irma and Maria passed.

Once the wind died down, Crown Bay Marina started, and has continued to supply fuel non-stop. The facility's onsite backup generation as well as pre-placed ample supplies has allowed CBM to readily support both emergency and transport vessels immediately after the hurricane, and now fill up those thirsty motor yachts that are being off loaded next door. Volume based pricing makes our fuel dock a very popular place.

Crown Bay Marina exists for all mariners of any type or size, going to or coming from anywhere. Our mission is to provide a  friendly base of operation. A Home away from Home, or a Home, Home on the way. A place where you can rest, provision, stock up, refuel, change crew, catch a flight and always enjoy some island time. We are At Your Service and ready to assist. Crown  Bay Marina is a Can Do Facility.

Just as new branches are sprouting on our trees and the bushes resiliently grow back, the new operations at the facility will be guided by the foundations retained from the past. In conversations with customers and staff as I've listened, Carol Dudley's name and vision consistently surfaces. Fair but Firm. We intend on following this solid and simple philosophy. 

Come and Visit. We'll become Your Marina with Our Passion.

Larry Imhoff, General Manager and the entire CBM Can Do Crew

Crown Bay Marina Celebrates National Marina Day

A growing interest in National Marina Day has sparked lots of questions about this special celebration and we’d love to answer those that we’ve received most frequently as well as share a little of how we got involved in this unique event at Crown Bay Marina.

What is National Marina Day?
National Marina Day is a nationwide boating event dedicated to growing boating participation across the country. With involvement from marinas in the Americas and Caribbean islands, Crown Bay Marina has taken part over the past three years.

Why does Crown Bay Marina enjoy participating in National Marina Day? 
We want to give back to the community and allow children to have exposure to marina activities that they may not have taken part on before.

When does National Marina Day take place?
From Memorial Day to Labor Day.


Engaging in community service provides children the opportunity to become active members of their community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. Crown Bay Marina in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club of the Virgin Islands is providing an opportunity for children to be exposed to a nationwide boating event that is geared toward educating children about the boating industry.

National Marina Day is a nationwide event dedicated to growing boating participation across North America. Marine businesses collaborate to hold events that introduce the public to boating through on-water and landside activities at Marinas in every corner of the country. Crown Bay Marina takes part by hosting events that cater to children ages 7–13 from the Boys and Girls Club of the Virgin Islands.


The overall objective is to provide the participants with engaging activities and learning experiences that aid in the development of skills needed for the boating industry. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and other adverse circumstances; the recreational activities available for children to participate in are at an all-time low. Nevertheless, Crown Bay Marina is pleased to redress this situation by offering a taste of the boating lifestyle. The activities provided encourage non-boaters to get out on the water and acquire boating knowledge from a wide array of activities.

Each marina holds a unique event, but has the purpose of celebrating boating with fun-filled exercises that the youth can enjoy. Ultimately this extraordinary event caters to the needs of the community by providing children with the boating experience of a lifetime. Crown Bay Marina has hosted National Marina Day events for 3 consecutive years and we anticipate that it will continue to flourish and provide boating education for the community. 


National Marina Day 2017 was very special at Crown Bay Marina. The morning began with a curious group of children who arrived at Crown Bay ready to enjoy a light breakfast while gathering on our two provided tents. Shortly after the kids received a demonstration on how to use fishing lines, bait and tie knots, handled by Jerry from Crown Bay and Mekisha and Sarah of Fishing and Wildlife. Valerie Peters explained the importance of the Blue Flag USVI and its positive impact on marine life, and the kids were eager to get fishing.


The children walked along the docks of the marina and they all made an effort to hold the title of “First Catch of the Day”. The competition began and volunteers as well as CBM staff helped out. The children spent hours strategically thinking of the ultimate goal—catching the most fish. They weighed, recorded and released their catch back into the ocean and were surprised by visits from sea turtles, jellyfish and lobsters.


Once the fishing was over the kids were treated to a boat ride around Water Island with Captain Benji, they were full of smiles, singing and laughing as they boarded the boat fully clad in life vests provided by the CBM staff. They returned to a lovely lunch of hot dogs and burgers and got ready for an afternoon of games that included ring toss, Jenga and blind-folded Duck Catch, the prizes and healthy competition added to the excitement of the day which closed with ice cream provided by Scoops and Brew and awards, prizes, trophies and t-shirts.

For a full National Marina Day photo album, please visit our Facebook page >
For more information contact Liza Lord at (340) 774-2255

Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools Opens at Crown Bay Marina


Lay back, relax and let the well-being flow. Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools offers a safe, affordable, effective and easy to use alternative healing treatment.

Acupressure is one of the safest and most effective ancient healing arts. An alternative medicine technique similar to acupuncture, and based on the concept of life energy which flows through “meridians” in the body. In treatment, physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points with the goal of clearing blockages in these meridians. Pressure may be applied by hand, by elbow, or with various devices.

Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools, now open at Crown Bay Marina, right in the heart of St. Thomas, is dedicated to enhancing the body's natural abilities to heal itself while guiding you to find your body's energy to relieve pain naturally and maintain good health & balance. At Balls of Bliss we apply acupressure techniques using Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools for a few minutes each day helping release muscular tension and restore the flow of vital energy. 

We have found Balls of Bliss Acupressure Tools to be very effective in: 

  • Relieving tightness due to lower back and/or sciatic nerve pain
  • Releasing tension from the muscles in all areas of the neck, shoulders and back
  • Flushing out toxins, enabling the nervous system to relax
  • Increasing blood and oxygen flow even in the deepest body tissues, blocking pain and promoting overall well-being 

PDF DOWNLOAD: Brochure "Acupressure Healing by Balls of Bliss"

Come see us right on site at Crown Bay Marina.
Kevin and Mona|  Tel 1: (340) 201-8718|  Tel 2: (340) 626-5677|

Crown Bay Marina at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2016

The team at Crown Bay Marina is excited and getting ready to attend the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Please come see us and we'll be happy to give you details about Crown Bay, our unique offers, brochures, and special welcome-surprises for our booth guests.

We'll be located at the Dockwalk Captains' Hideout in Bahia Mar, which we proudly sponsor.

The Captains’ Hideout provides a space for superyacht captains and crew to relax and get away from the stress of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. To join us at the Hideout, please register in advance of the show here.

As well as providing complimentary breakfast, lunch and refreshments to hard-working crew, the private area is a great place for crew to catch up with old crewmates and industry contacts. In addition, high-speed Internet, soothing massages and a selection of activities and competitions are on offer for crew to enjoy in their limited downtime.

The Dockwalk Captains’ Hideout, which offers professional networking opportunities throughout the day, is supplemented by The Dockwalk Party, a fun-filled evening event for crews to enjoy together after a long day’s work. Organised by Boat International Media in conjunction with Dockwalk magazine, the Dockwalk Captains’ Hideout caters specifically to a highly targeted global audience, representative of our readership that we know inside out.

What: Crown Bay Marina at FLIBS 2016 (Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show)
When: November 3-7, 2016

Our booth: Dockwalk Captains' Hideout • Bahia Mar Hotel • Commodore Ballroom

Clyde Tapp and Liza Lord are returning to represent Crown Bay Marina at FLIBS 2016.